Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trip to Bemidji

The weekend of the 8th we went to Bemidji. Natey kept saying Burmidji and it was cracking me up. I forgot my camera, so all these pictures are from my phone.

It took us six and a half hours to get to my sisters house. The kids traveled very well. We were quite surprised. We left on a Saturday and came back on Monday. On Saturday, Justin, my brother-in-law, and one of his friends went fishing. I sent him a message and asked him if they were catching anything. He sent me back this picture.....
I started bawling. Apparently it was harder for me than it was for him. It was something I know he would have called his dad about. The conversation would have gone like this... "I caught a 6 pound bass todaay - what did you do?". I was so happy for Justin I bawled then beamed.
While the guys were out fishing, Shannon and I took the kids to a place called the Science Center. It was really cool. The kids had a great time.
Here are some pictures.....

Here is Claire "building something".

The kids were scared to death of this guy. He was walking around the center like he owned the place. You could tell where he was because not far from him/her you'd hear a shrieking Meyer.I found it interesting that they were scared to death of a turtle they could by far out run, but they enjoyed the rabbit and .... whatever that other thing was. YUCK!Remember the Spirograph? This is the same idea just a much grander scale. It was fun!

Here are the kids (minus Jack) in the astronaut cutout.





Before we went to the Science Center, Claire and Izzie had a picnic on this fun table at my sister's house.

Izzie was a huge Aunt Kerrie fan. She's so stinkin' cute!

When Izzie was a toddler, she was quite the spit fire. She went from one thing to the next getting herself into trouble. After we got home from Shannon's, Nathan said "Mom, Izzie isn't naughty any more". That may or may not be the case, but it wouldn't hurt her to say a quiet Thank You to Jack for taking any of the naughty attention off of her and putting it on himself. As you can see in this picture, he provided the entertainment for our family that weekend.Before we left Bemidji, we took some pictures with Paul Bunyan and Babe.The next time we make the trip, we'll have to stay longer. It's beautiful country up there, but not near warm enough for me. The next time we go, I'll for sure remember my camera, too. We had such a good time in spite of it.


Sarah said...

It is beautiful there. Too bad its like the freakin antarctic during winter.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you guys made the trip...as sucky as it is. It was wonderful to have you here. We had a super-de-duper good time. Oh, and just so you know... after you guys left it was 90-95 degrees and humid as hell. You would have felt right at home :o)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Looks like a fun place to vacation!

Andrea said...

HA! That's hilarious that they were freaked out by that turtle......when they could definitely outrun it to get away! Made me chuckle!

Amanda said...

HA - loved that they were scared of the turtle!!!