Friday, October 12, 2007

For my mom

Today is a special day. It's my Mom's birthday.

When I was little, my sister would always have to remind me that it was our Mom's birthday. I always knew it was the 12th, but I could never remember if it was in October or November. You would have thought it would be easy due to the fact that it was normally around Columbus day, but who tracks Columbus day? My kids have never counted down days to Columbus day. "Only 4 more sleeps until Columbus day" has never been a conversation at our house.

Most people think their mother is the best of the best. It isn't often that you hear of someone that doesn't speak to their mother. I know there are a few of you out there that don't. Don't worry, you won't be outed here. However, I happen to belong to the camp where I think my mom is the best of the best.

While I was a child, I lived with my head in the sand as most children do. We don't do it on purpose. We do it because our parents are taking care of us and we don't have to worry about much. My childhood wasn't exactly like that, but my Mom shielded us from many things - always for our own good. I have no idea how much money my parents had while I was growing up, but I never felt poor. My normal was a house that consited of 3 females, one in which had MS. It was my normal.

Now that I'm a mother, my mom tells me all the time what a great mother I am. Where does she think I learned it? I didn't read a book. I didn't take a class.

I learned it from you, Mom.

Through your actions and guidance I learned to be polite to other people. I learned to help people where I could. I learned that giving will make you feel good on the inside. I learned that due to the fact that life isn't easy, you must always stand up and fight. I learned that if I listen to people I can also learn from them. I learned that a disability is only as strong as you let it be.

I learned all this from you.

I love you Mom.

I love you for who you are and for who you helped me become. I love you for taking your life in your own hands when I was in the 3rd grade and saying enough is enough. I love you for being there beside my hospital bed when I thought I couldn't go on. You gave me reason to go on. Being me hasn't always been easy, but knowing that I had someone like you in my life made it worth the walk.

You're an amazing woman, Mom.

Happy Birthday.


Jamie said...

That was an awesome post to your mom!! I am smiling right now and I am sure your mom has some watery eyes!!

Happy birthday Kerrie's mom!!

Tracy said...

happy birthday suze!

i sure hope you have a wonderful day! you raised an amazing women in kerrie. but then already knew that!!


Anonymous said...

How awesome!!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Suze!! I love you!!!

Just Mom said...

What a wonderful tribute to an obviously amazing woman.


Kate said...

I have tears! How sweet! Happy Birthday to Kerrie's mom ;-)

Teresa said...

Those are words we all want to hear from our kids. Beautiful.

Happy Birthday Kerri's mom!

Kari said...

That made me cry, it was so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, what more could any mom ever want to hear. You are amazing and you just spelled out about the love and commitment that your mom poured into your life to get you to where you are.

The love you have for your 3 kids is written all over this blog day after day. Your mom raised a great daughter and you are doing the same with your kids!

Anonymous said...

You are a great person just like MaMa Wood.
Way to put it into words.


Happy Birthday MaMa Wood!!!


Tess said...

That is an awesome post!! I love that you are appreciative of what she has done! Made me teary eyed!!

Hope your mom had a great birthday!

Cari said...

That was wonderful! Happy Birthday, Suze!!!

Miah™ said...

I am blown away! Happy Birthday Kerrie's Mom.