Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do you hear that?

(I thought I posted this earlier. For some reason, blogger isn't my friend today.)

Right now it's 10:10am in the Meyer house. All I hear are my fingers hitting the keys as I type and Caillou playing on the TV. Jack is taking his morning nap, Justin is washing the van and Claire is watching TV.

So, do you hear that?

It's 10:11am at the Meyer house and I don't hear "Mom, _____ just hit me."

It's 10:12am at the Meyer house and I don't hear "Mom, ______ won't give me what ______'s having."

It's 10:12am at the Meyer house and I don't hear "Mom, ______ has my toy."

It's 10:13am at the Meyer house and I don't hear "Mom, can we have McDonald's for lunch?"

It's 10:13am at the Meyer house and I don't hear "Waaaaaaaaaah" from ANYONE.

It's 10:14am at the Meyer house and the person making the most noise is me.

Right now I kind of miss it, but in the long run I think it's going to be ok. Acutally I think it will be just fine.


Just Mom said...

So ... how are you adjusting to having your firstborn in school all day.

Heidi Jo said...

that's not the part i miss...but i sure miss,

"hey nic, will you run outside and tell mom when andrew wakes up from nap so that i can mow?"

"hey nic, i'm going to jump in the shower, please make sure no one escapes."

"hey nic, will you let andrew color with you while i make lunch?"

"hey nic, my hands are totally full and andrew wants to be carried...can you help me out?"

get the picture? i miss the kid.

Jennie Thompson said...

You don't know what to do with yourself do you?!

the boedecker family said...

Funny but true...when the "big" kids go off to school it is pretty quiet around here!!

Tami said...

Aaaahhh, enjoy your moments of silence. Isn't it funny how loud silence is when your used to noise all the time.

Miah said...

You will learn to love it!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the quiet in your head and in your house. Guess what? It's almost Saturday and you get your real life back :)

~ Amy ~ said...

ENJOY IT!! The weekends comming and you may not hear it for a long time!!

Tess said...

Hang in there girl! You are doing great!!