Wednesday, May 28, 2008

See Nathan at Black Studio's

On Monday, I took Nathan for his birthday pictures. I don't have them back yet, but they put this on their blog. I super duper love the overall picture (him sitting with his hands on his knees). That was my favorite of the whole shoot.

Nathan is a bit different than other boys that I know of. I can't just buy him a shirt and know that he'll wear it. No. I knew better than to just buy him a birthday outfit and trust that it would be ok for pictures.

We were in Sioux Falls on Saturday and I took Nathan into the store with me to find an outfit. He kept on saying "This is taking too long. How much longer?" and so on. I wanted him to wear this really cute brown shirt with lighter brown and tan stripes and he WAS NOT going to have it. There was a cute orange and white striped shirt that I liked that he refused to even consider.


Finally we agreed on this outfit. It's totally chosen by him. He loves having the pockets. Almost all the pictures were with Nathan's hands in his pockets. sigh

If I buy him a shirt and he doesn't like it - that's it - he's just not wearing it. I'll say 'I'll just give it to Dawson then'. It used to work. Not anymore.

Whatever. The outfit is fine. However, Justin's closet is full of light blue, dark blue, gray and Cowboy's wear. Hmmm........

The apple never does fall far from the tree.


Amber Kay said...

I think that they turned out great!! Natey's such a special little boy, I love his warm personality and how he really takes being a "big brother" to heart!
Funny...I'm planning on talking about the clothes "issue" at my house tomorrow in my blog post.

Just Mom said...

"The apple never does fall far from the tree."

No, indeed, it doesn't. My kiddo loves everything his dad loves. I tell my hubby to enjoy it while it lasts because in a few years Just Son will want nothing to do with us.

Jennie Thompson said...

I can't believe that he's SIX already. How'd that happen? He is such a wonderful young man. I miss seeing him.

Nelson Fam said...

Those pictures turned out so well! It's hard to believe that our little guys are 6 already - first grade, here we come.... :-o

I can usually get Gabriel to wear whatever I choose, BUT I can't depend on him to be cooperative for a photo. He is great most of the time, but if he's even a little bit shy or uncomfortable he can be really stubborn.... I think I'd rather have him complain about the clothes - I could work with that! ;-)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

He could wear anything and still look cute as a button! He did great picking out his outfit, it is so cute on him!

The pics are awesome....I just love his smile!

Heidi Jo said...

well, if that was his choice---i'm very impressed. many boys would have choosen something gaggish like sponge bob or something!

love it. he is a great looking kid...that part of the apple sure fell close.

(okay, i don't know if the stupidity of that last sentence made anyone else laugh...but hey, i try, and you know what i mean!)

Tracy said...

I just showed Natey his pictures and he smiled! I said "you sure are handsome" YEP he says! :)


He said you saw a SNAKE while he was getting his pictures taken.


Tess said...

Those pictures are great!!! They captured his smile perfectly!!
I think the outfit looks great, no worries mom! :)

Hey, how is Jack doing?? Haven't heard much lately?

Amanda said...

What a cuttie! He did an awesome job picking out his outfit.