Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey! Troll!

Listen, when I started my blog, I never really expected people other than a few family members and friends to read it. I realize that it's slightly grown from its birth. Since the birth of my blog I've been spammed. I took care of that problem. Well - now I have a troll.

Um....troll..... I kinda expected my readers to have something above an 8th grade know - to keep up with me and understand where I'm coming from? Are you following me? CAN you follow me?

When you wrote "let the loser!!! rest and ieave him alone" on my post about my Boyfriend's Birthday, you kinda made yourself look stupid. Don't worry, I deleted it for you. Because if I didn't - how embarassing for you.

The !!!'s after loser was understood, but if you'd like to maybe not look like such a dumbass, you could have put it in bold. I'm not positive that your education level would grant you that wish, but I'm just sayin'.....

And as far as I can tell, the word leave - which I assume you were trying to spell, still starts with the letter l .... at least in the great state of South Dakota.

Now, you can still come here and read if you'd like, but your cowardly comments really are just not necessary. I ADORE chicken shit people like you who hide behind anonymity only because it gives you big balls.

Don't hide - it's not worth it. Own what you have to say. It's very freeing. T-H-A-T is what gives you the big balls.

Everyone else - have a great weekend! I plan to.


Heidi Jo said...

my recent anonymous commentor left some very helpful comments, and i can't figure out who left them. i don't get the whole desire to be anonymous. we are both similar in that we either say what we feel, with our name behind it, or click out.

sorry! have a good weekend:0)

Amber Kay said...

ihe iEST iart ibout ihe ihole ihing is "ieave" iow ihat is iumorous!!

Just Mom said...

Oh, Amber, LOL!

When I first read your post title, I thought you were calling me "Troll." I was going to call you *%$#@! in my comment to you.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That ought to put them in their!

Hope you have a good weekend too!

Tess said...

LOL. Just mom, to funny.

That whole anonymous thing doesn't make any sense to me. If you have to be hidden, then you probably shouldn't be writting on anyones comments.. I will never understand that..

Lori said...

I so agree. What is with the anonymous comments. I've had nasty anonymous comments before too and deleted them too.

Have a great weekend too!
We'll see you soon.

Dawn said...

This anonymous person has alot of nerve to mess with Kerri. Hopefully they will listen. People are such chicken &#*!'@!!!!!!

the boedecker family said...

Anonymous comments are that of cowards just like you said! Way to put them in there place, Have a Great weekend!

Just Mom said...

I'm back, looking for pics of your kids in their Halloween costumes. TOO CUTE!

Thanks for stopping by the house, btw.

Teresa said...


Jamie said...

You go ladies!!!

Why hide yourself! If you want to post something you better make yourself know to everyone!