Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jack's Neurology Appointment

I have a lot of information to share, but I don't really know how to share it. Please bare with me.

When we got to Dr. Bunch's office yesterday, she said that she saw something on the MRI that she wanted to talk over with the Radiologist. Jack was hungry so I was feeding him some baby food. She came back and we talked about the things that Jack can't do or things that we're concerned about.

(A side note - why does the nurse come in, ask the questions, write down the answer, only for the doctor to do the same thing? Moving on....)

I told Dr. Bunch about the things Jack does or doesn't do with his left side that I thought were odd. She noticed that he could hold something and grab something with his left hand and thought that was good. She noticed that he held himself up well while sitting on the floor. These are all pretty new things for us, so we too are happy about it.

As we spoke, all I could think of was 'when's the right moment to ask her about the MRI?'. Finally I asked. She said "I want to show it to you. Leave your stuff here and come with me." We walked across the hall to look at the images on a computer screen. The whole time my brain is saying "I knew it. I knew that thing wasn't normal." She said that she and the radiologist don't agree on the reading of the MRI. The radiologist says it's normal while Dr. Bunch disagrees. She said she'd agree with him if Jack's left side functioned in the same manner that his right did.

She showed me a part of his right brain that was damaged - "A chunk missing" as she put it. She asked if I was ever sick or if I ever had spotting while I was pregnant." It seems to me that I once had a cold when I was pregnant. She said that the damage was done while he was in utero. Jack also has more fluid on his brain than he should. I'm sure she must have told me why this was, but for the life of me I can't remember. Anyway, she's unsure how much he'll be affected, but she feels that he'll be able to compensate for the loss. She wants to see him back in 3 months to see what kind of progress he makes.

She said that occupational therapy is going to be the key in his therapy. Jack might never get any better than he his now and will then have to compensate for what is lost. I didn't think to ask if it was going to affect his speech or the way he walks. Don't ask why - I don't have the answer. Don't take this the wrong way, but I was just so happy to have an answer and to know that I wasn't crazy that I didn't have the questions until later. I've put a call into the nurse to see if I can get some of the answers.

Anyway, there are the results. It's not really what I expected. I was a bit angry that I was told that the test was negative, but I understand that it's just two different opinions. I tend to believe Dr. Bunch. Her opinion makes much more sense to me than the radiologist's.


Tracy said...

Hopefully you'll be able to get the answers you so desire. It's hard with the medical field to hear all they have to say and then leave and think "what the heck did they just say" Anyway...love you babe and keep us posted as I know you will.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I have been thinking of you. It sounds like the dr. is very caring. I pray all goes well. Tell Nathan hi, I miss those guys at school this year.

Jamie said...

I am still praying for you guys!! I just know things will be just fine for him!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I don't think you are crazy...I think it helps to have answers and then you can go from there. We will keep you and Jack in our prayers.

Jamey said...

Jack is so lucky that you are getting him the therapy that he needs at such a young age!! That has to help SOOO much to start that young. He is one lucky boy to have parents like you!! I hope you can get the answers you need. It sounds like the neurologist is very thorough and is doing a good job!

Just Mom said...

You have got an awesome doctor, and you and your hubby are awesome parents. Jack couldn't be in better hands.

Sending hugs and prayers your way.

the boedecker family said...

Kerrie, I am glad you are getting some answers. I think if there are two different oppions they should let you know that right away! I would agree with you on agreeing with Dr. Bunch! Oh the comment you made about you being crazy...No way in the world.. you are a concerned loveing mother who knows something is wrong with her child! I tend to think that a mother knows best when it comes to her child! Your persistance is great and you will do great things for Jack!! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you went to the neurologist and got some answers. It's definitely a step in the right direction to help Jack!

Anonymous said...

Keep a journal of all your questions along with new areas of improvement you see with Jack. This will help the dr. when she sees Jack next. You are right on track with his therapies - early intervention is truly the key.

Tess said...

Thank you for the update. I was thinking about you guys all day yesterday. Sounds like you have a great doctor. It has to be a relief to have a diagnosis to work with instead of it being a mystery. Jack is very blessed to have parents like you guys.

You are all in our prayers.

Amanda said...

Hey girl - thanks for the update. Stick with your gut feeling and don't let anyone tell you that you're crazy. God made you Jack's mother and nobody knows what's better for the little guy than you do. He's in good hands with you as his mommy.

I'll be praying for you guys!

Momma Roar said...

It sounds like you now have a place to start - which is good news. You all are in my thoughts Kerrie!

Jenifer said...


Sound like you've been going through quite a stressful time. Hopefully the other parts of his brain will learn to compensate for the abnormaility and by the time he enters school no one will know anything is even wrong!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Cari said...

I've tried to write this comment several times, and I just seem to be repeating what everyone else has already said...
I was just so glad to hear that Jack should be able to compensate for this in the long run. Please know that he is in my prayers!