Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Answers!

My middle name is:
A) Beth
B) Lynn
C) Anne
D) Jo

My favorite color is:
A) Pink
B) Black
C) Yellow
D) Red
I'll accept yellow as an answer too. I used to love, love, love yellow. I've moved on to pink.

My favorite food is:
A) Steak
B) Lobster - YUMMMMMMM!
C) Sauerkraut
D) Taco

My favorite beer is:
A) Old Milwaukee w/ tomato juice
B) Miller light w/ tomato juice
C) Coors light w/ tomato juice
D) Bud light w/ tomato juice - I don't drink beer w/o tomato juice. Yuck!

My favorite pop is:
A) Mt. Dew
B) Cherry coke
C) Sprite
D) Pepsi

I was born in:
A) Midland, TX
B) Milbank, SD
C) MiddleOfNoWhere, USA
D) The Boondocks

My favorite flower is the:
A) Rose
B) Lilly
C) Mum
D) Tulip

My favorite smell is:
A) Vanilla
B) Anything floral
C) Chocolate - I love chocolate, but I hate the smell of it. Yuck!
D) Fresh cut grass - I don't like the smell of fresh cut grass either.

I used to have a dog named:
A) Ca$h - I cracked myself up with my other choices. We had to give him away when I was pregnant with Claire. He kept peeing on Nathan's things. As far as I know, he lives in Sioux Falls. The reason he was named Ca$h is because Justin used to have a black lab named Tango.

B) Check

C) Visa
D) Charge

I met Justin:
A) while on a traffic stop
B) at my first job dispatching - he was a deputy and I was a dispatcher.
C) on a blind date
D) because someone broke into my house and he took the report

My nickname in beauty school was:
A) Woodrow
B) Ker Bear
C) Woody - There were two Kerrie's (although I don't remember how the other girl spelled hers) in our class, so my friends started calling me Woody. It stuck - very well. After beauty school, I moved back to one of my friends home towns. She and I were like pea's in a pod. You might have seen her comment. Her name is Loni. Anyway, once we were watching her dad play softball when someone asked him what my real name was. He looked at me, looked back at the guy and said "I guess I have no idea". HA!!!
D) Ker-a-lot

When I was pregnant with Nathan, my favorite girl name was (and Justin hated it):
A) Ava
B) Molly
C) Savannah
D) Jasmine - I really liked the name Savannah too, but Justin thought both of those names sounded like stripper names. I still would like to know why he knows so many strippers names.

How many tattoo's do I have?
A) 2 - I got the 1st one when I was 22 or so. It's of a puppy, although nobody ever thinks it looks like a puppy. It's more of a cartoon looking thing. My dad etched it on a wine glass for me when my brother got married. I took it to a tattoo shop and they free handed it on my leg. The other is of a butterfly on the top of my foot. I got it just days before Tracy and Ferber got married. It hurt - bad.
B) 3
C) 1
D) I don't even like tattoo's.

True or False: At one time I owned more than 70 pair of underwear. - It's true. I love new underwear. I just got some from Old Navy and I love them. It reminded me as to why I love new ones so much.

True or False: In high school I had purple hair. - Lord no! I've never had purple hair in my life. Not even in beauty school.

True or False: I got into a fight when I was in high school. - You had to know this was true, right? This girl was mad at me because she thought I'd been seeing her boyfriend....or something. She pulled my hair and I punched her in the face. I know - what a proud moment. (rolling my eyes)

True or False: I know how to knit and love doing it. - This was a trick question. It's false because I don't know how to knit. I know how to crochet, and yes, I enjoy doing it.

True or False: My favorite ice cream is pistachio. - I discovered it not so long ago. Don't knock it until you try it. =)

There you go. Now you know all kinds of useless things about me. =)


Amber Kay said...

Ouch, I got 8 wrong!

Tracy said...

Okay...I have to admit...some of those were tricky!!

I am taking credit for YELLOW and for SAVANNAH. I just am! Oh and the knit and crochet one...who the heck knows the difference. :)

Otherwise I got the beer one wrong because it's been like FOREVER since you've had a beer.

70 pairs of underwear?? Are you serious??? I thought there was NO WAY that you'd have enough drawer space for that. Are you sure you counted right??

I SWEAR YOU HAD PURPLE hair once. Was it pink then?? HA!

Totally got the ice cream wrong.

I am not admitting how many MY HUSBAND got right.

I'm just not.

Andrea said...

FUN getting to know you better!

I didn't keep track of my score but I faired OK.

Lori said...

That was fun to read and learn more about you.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I actually knew a couple. What a surprise.

Where were you when I needed big time advice on tattoos with my kid? A puppy I could maybe live with. Sounds way better than the angel wings on my daughters back, yuck!

She also loves undies just like you. I don't think she will ever think she has enough. You two would probably make great sisters, hehe.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I loved hearing more about you!

I am so tempted to get a tattoo...my sister is trying to talk me into going with her this summer for my 40th birthday and both of us getting one! You may have to help talk me into it!

Just Mom said...

WOW! I would have guessed all of them correctly!

now ... you don't really believe that, do you?

Amanda said...

LOKL - you really punched her? Was it Nichole Kidman and did this happen last week.,...Kerri....be honest

Shannon said...

Holy crap...I didn't even know you were in a fight in HS...who was it? C'mon, spill it!

Anonymous said...

Woody I got a few wrong. Can not remember the ones. BUT I will tell you I got the underware one right. I also got the fight one right. I remember you telling me that story. I also got the Woody one right. I can not believe that. Just kidding. When I read the results I had to call my dad and read it to him. I just want you to know that he laughed real hard. He could not believe that you remembered that. You can guess right. HE DID NOT REMEMBER THAT!!!!!
You are a great friend even though we do not get to see each other.


Teresa said...

All I can say is you MUST wear teeny tiny thong underwear to have room for 70 pairs at one time!

Cari said...

OK, I didn't do too badly - 11 out of 18 - considering I haven't really spent much time with you in over 15 years! Who did you punch out in high school, and why didn't I know this?! (I'm guessing it wasn't very public if Shannon didn't know either!)

Miah™ said...

70 pairs of skivvies? Ker.......I don't even know what to say.

Jamie said...

I love Cherry Coke too but I have since quit drinking regular pop...so it has been 25 days since I have had a Cherry Coke!!

Be proud of your 70 pais of underwear!! That is something to be proud of!!