Friday, January 25, 2008

Predicting the future

Me: Nathan, did you stay on green today?
(Remember: This is how kindergartners track their behavior at is no problem, yellow is some sort of infraction and red is just not good)

Nathan: YES!

Claire: I stayed on red.

It felt like some sick premonition.


Heidi Jo said...

i know you are a good mom kerrie, but they can't all be as good as nathan...that just wouldn't be FAIR!

Miah™ said...

I think that you may be right.

Tracy said...

You always said she's going to be the one that challenges you as a parent.

Amanda said...

HA - it can only go up from there!

Amber Kay said...

Peachy just GOTTA love her!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to what Amber said!

Shannon said...

We'll have to make a mental note to NOT let Claire and Izzie hang out (at least not too often) when they're teenagers. Good Lord, can you imagine?

Jamey said...

Oh my gosh that cracked me up!! Of our three kids (2 boys, 1 girl) Siri is definately the naughtiest:)
What would a girl be without a little spunk though!!

Anonymous said...

Drew spent more time on red than on green. SERIOUSLY.

And I honestly believe Molly will be on red more than Drew was.

Perfect example:

Today coming home from swap sitter.

Me: Girls, were you behaved today?
Emily: Yup. I sure was.
Molly: Not me. I was naughty. Really naughty. I was very good at being naughty.

Oh dear heavens, that last one is gonna be the death of me yet.

Frazzled Farm Wife said... may have your hands full in a few years!

Tess said...

Howdy!! I am not taking a hiatus anytime soon!! To much catching up to do!!
That is a cute story!! She might just give you a run for your money! LOL

Lori said...

Ha that Claire she is so darn cute!!