Friday, December 21, 2007

So, tell me.....

How have you all been? Really, I'm asking. I know that you must be saying "how about you pop over to my blog and find out," right? I'd love to, really I would, but I don't have time. I'm not sure where my time has gone. I waisted it so much prior to my new job. Now I seem to have misplaced it. So I'm curious - how are you doing?

I don't get to all the blogs that I used to love to read. I don't want to tell you the ones I read and the ones I don't. That wouldn't be very nice. Once a week (usually on Sunday) I try to catch up on blogs. I'm glad I have a new job that I enjoy, but I also liked being able to keep up with everyone.

Here's some of what's going on with me. This weekend we're heading to Pierre to have Christmas with Justin's side of the family. I was able to see my nephew that was born in June for the first time the other day. He's simply adorable. I told my mother-in-law that she can take care of Jack while I play with Zachary. I can't wait to take all kinds of photos of the kids.

Nathan asked for a white Dallas Cowboys helmet from Santa. I tried to tell him that they are very hard to make. He's positive that Santa will just tell the Elf's what to do and - boom - there ya go - a white helmet. Poor kid is probably going to be disappointed on Christmas morning. I hope that he'll be happy about getting the other things on his list. Stay tuned.

OH! We went to see what I called the Ghetto Santa at Lewis Drug last weekend. FUNNY STUFF! I'm guessing he was a college student - one that's never been around children. We didn't tell the kids what we were up to when we loaded up the Explorer and headed to the store as a family. Nathan told Santa of his wish for the helmet. The Ghetto Santa (with some of his natural dark hair showing) started talking football with Nathan until I gave him the 'Santa doesn't talk football with kids' look. All I could imagine was Santa saying something stupid like 'Dallas sucks' and then Nathan needing counseling for the rest of his life. Oh yeah, every kids dream - the Ghetto Santa - that's for sure.

Santa was somewhat asking Claire what she wanted for Christmas...kinda. He wasn't very interested in what she wanted actually. Natey had to ask her for Santa. She said she didn't know. Nathan, the very helpful brother that he is, said "Peach, do you want Dora for Christmas?" If only you could have seen the look on my face. Claire told me that she wanted Strawberry Shortcake for Christmas, so that's what she's getting. Thanks to Natey, she now wants Dora. Freakin' fantastic!

You think it stops there? Nope! I said to Ghetto (ahem), I mean Santa, 'Can you hold the baby?'. He said "Sure!" I have to admit I was surprised he even agreed. I handed Jack over to him and in less than 5 seconds Jack was screaming his head off. Santa looked at me with panic that I'd never seen before. So I took Jack back and posed for the picture. I'm not sure how or when we're getting that picture back, but the fine man (probably 16 year old kid actually) that took our picture also took our name and number - so we'll see. It will be a for sure must see. Ho! Ho! Ho! Ghetto!

Did I remember to tell you about our van? No? Well heck - you'll love this. I was coming home from SF the other day when my van started doing the mambo. WHAT - THE - HECK??? It was shaking and shimming like no other. HO-LY cat smokes! To make a long story short (at least about the van) we got it fixed for the bargain price of $1100. Yeah, Merry THREEKING Christmas to us! It was just what we needed.

Anyway, some day I'll have to tell you about Jack's neurologist appointment, but I feel that you might be a bit overwhelmed right now. After all, this post was really supposed to be about you. =)


Andrea said...

I would have loved to see Ghetto Santa and Jack's reaction! Priceless!

Just Mom said...

LOL. "Ghetto Santa." LOL.

How about we just catch up in person, rather than here in the comment box. I'd rather read about you anyway.

Bug said...

Looking forward to see you on Monday and hearing about your weekend.

Miah™ said...

I am alive.

Did you see the email of the kids seeing santa? The one where the kid has a death grip on mom, and she is leaning in so that he will be in the picture with santa. I can picture you doing that. That is a barrel of laughs.

Kari said...

Kerrie, You are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs and have a Merry Christmas! (and too bad about your van)

Tess said...

Ghetto Santa!! BAHHH HAAAAAA!!!
To funny!!!

I am alive as well. Just trying to survive our holiday rush!! Hopefully in a few weeks things will calm down!!