Tuesday, July 29, 2008


If you have a child in elementary school, you quite possibly know that the Hannah Montana movie was on this past weekend. It was kind of like a documentary of one of her concerts.

Nathan had been asking for weeks when it would be on. Saturday was finally the night. We found 3D glasses at Wal-Mart and the kids were stoked.

As I said yesterday, Nathan is in Pierre at his grandparents house. We met them on Sunday so that he could stay the week with them. Saturday night Justin had a security job that he worked. I let Nathan choose what he wanted for supper since he'd be gone for the week. He, of coarse, chose McDonald's.

We ate supper and got ready to watch the movie. About 4pm that day he started asking me almost every 20 minutes when the movie would start. That was TONS of fun. (Sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm.)

Finally - what he'd been waiting for.

Jack was in bed, but Peach was there. Of coarse, Peach was there.

When Natey was invited to go to his grandparents house, he jumped at the idea. He was super excited. Then came the next day when he totally fell apart. He cried and cried and cried because he wanted his dad to go with him. Over and over we explained that it would just be him and his cousin going. He wanted to go, but he didn't want to leave Justin....and Jack. (Um...what about the girls you live with, Son?)

He had a brief melt down the night before leaving which made me believe that it wouldn't work out. I didn't think he'd even get in their vehicle.

I was wrong. Not a tear was shed between either of us. Justin wasn't sure he wanted me to go with to drop him off because he was sure I'd fall apart. It went fine though. He didn't really want to give us hugs or kisses. We didn't really push the issue. Short hugs. Small kisses. He was being strong.

He called 3 or 4 times on Sunday to tell us various things. Yesterday he called Justin and Claire called him. Then he called again at 10:30 to say goodnight. He's having a good time. He's almost too busy to talk.

It's only Tuesday and I miss him to pieces. I think I just might start to count sleeps for his return. ;)


Amber Kay said...

Peach, lets talk about Peach. Of COURSE the girl the was there. The girl makes me laugh!

I'm surprised you haven't fell apart without your Natey!!

Tracy said...

YOU are being strong my dear. You're right though...he's having a TON of fun!!

I think I would get a headache from watching something in 3D. Did you join in the fun?? Where's the picture of you in your cool digs? DUDE??

Anonymous said...

He's grown up too fast. By tomorrow, I bet he's quite homesick.

Andrea said...

OK, so evidently I'm not totally with it when it comes to knowing what's going on. Sad! I really thought I'm on top of things...

Anyways, I knew nothing of the new Hannah Montana movie. And both of my kids (one more than the other) enjoy her and seem to watch her A LOT! HOWEVER, it was on in my house this weekend and I did see some of it. I glanced at the TV as I was doing things around the house and thought why is the picture so bad but never made those thoughts verbal. Had I done so, maybe my kids would have told me it was supposed to be a 3D movie! Now the light bulb comes on... :) I can't believe they didn't ask me to get them glasses 3D!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I heard about it. But what I heard even more is the fact that I suck because I couldn't find any 3-D glasses. Isn't 3-D a thing of the past? Geez.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

He's growing up!!!!!! It's always tough when they are gone. Jeremy is almost 19 and gonna be back from Norway on Thursday...I am so excited.

Amanda said...

You're a strong mommy * I loved that he called to say goodnight

Tess said...

Oh, I don't know if I could do it..

Haa!! 3D, that is to cute! I can just see him being all excited!
Oh Hannah, it is crazy! Micah is only 2, but everytime he sees her picture he says, Hannah Montana!! Or his 2 yr old babble version!
He loves her! Scary!

Jamie said...

Marissa just HAD to watch this movie....what kid didn't..I am sure!!

I love the picture of Peach..too cute!