Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Dawson!

While looking through pictures I came to this one. This one is so precious to me. This was taken at Dawson's 3rd birthday. Well, it wasn't on his 3rd birthday, but close to it. His daddy was on his way back from Iraq, serving our Country on Dawson's 3rd birthday.

That would be Claire in my big pregnant belly. We meet her 2 months and 1 day later.

Dawson and Nathan have never known a life without each other. Tracy would bring Dawson over after Nathan was born and we'd take pictures of the boys. Dawson has always been bigger than Nathan, longer, taller. In many of our early pictures, it looks as if Dawson is holding Baby Nathan.

Claire told me the other day that she loved her cousin Dawson. I didn't correct her, because I feel the same way. I feel that he's my nephew and I have so much love for him. (Claire also told Nathan the other day that he [Nathan] was her favorite cousin. HA!)

Tracy kept the little kids the other day and one of her daycare girls told another child that she must know who Claire is - she's Caymen's best friend. How sweet is that? We loved it!

Tonight we'll go out for supper and celebrate Dawson's birthday. If you'll remember, I missed it last year. (I read that post and started bawling.)

Happy Birthday to such a special boy!
We love you, Dallas!
Seriously Tracy, I couldn't resist.


Heidi Jo said...

i know that you know it. and i know that trac knows it. but i have to say it again. you two are extremely blessed to be what you are to one another and have the friendship that you do.

love the 'old' photo---you all look marvelous!

Tracy said...

Why I am soooo darn emotional today??? Your post today made me cry...the post I did for you last year made me cry.

Ugh...darn 6 old year olds!!

Tracy said...

oh yeah, I have that picture hanging on my refrigerator.

Amanda said...

I think the friendship you and Trac share is the greatest! My best girlfriend is auntie to Alex and I cherish her presence in my life so much!

Tess said...

Friends as close as you guys are hard to come by! They are also priceless!
Having close relationships with the kids is awesome!!

Amber Kay said...

Who is that girl between Justin and Tracy? She's blond...and has short hair?

Cari said...

Wow, reading that old post brought me back - I think that was shortly after the time I had begun reading your blogs on a regular basis. I remember praying for you A LOT during all of that. Thank God for happy, healthy Jack!!

By the way, when I first looked at that picture all I noticed was your belly, and I thought "Wait, did I miss a post a few months back? When did this new pregnancy happen??" Of course it never occured to me to observe that Nathan is only 2 in the picture, not to mention there is no Claire or Jack! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Sweet words for sweet friends. I guess I wasn't experiencing, you last year as I had no idea what you were going through.

I love the picture and still am amazed that you are short, hehe.

I shared a dear friend like you do with Tracy and it was a huge blessing through all the years of raising young kids. You are both so blessed!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How sweet that your kids have friends that they feel that close to.....and you and Tracy have each other too! Warms my heart!

Miah™ said...

So your probably going to punch me, but when I first saw the pic, all I saw was you and I thought, she looks pregnant. Then I realized, thats because you were. :O)

I bet that there are some days when you wish Nathan was Claires cousin & vise versa. KIDDING!!!

the boedecker family said...

It is so cool to have such a great friendship between your families! Your children are so blessed to have eachother!

Just Mom said...


Jamie said...

How sweet!!