Wednesday, August 06, 2008

500th post - that's a lot of air!

Ok, so I know you don't want to read 500 things about me. Really, who would? I'll just type until I'm done with random things that won't get me put in jail. How about 100?

  1. My name is Kerrie Anne.

  2. I was called that by my family members for a LONG time.
  3. I think I went by Kerrie Anne in school.

  4. I put a kibosh on it in Elementary school.

  5. If my cousins from Texas were to introduce me today, they would say "This is my cousin, Kerrie Anne".

  6. Old habits die hard, I guess.

  7. I was born in Midland, Tx.

  8. I lived there until I was 6.

  9. I then moved to Sisseton, SD.

  10. I lived there for 18 LONG, months.
  11. Winter in Sisseton is L*O*N*G and cold.

  12. We moved back to Texas.

  13. This time, Odessa.

  14. I lived there from 3rd grade until 7th.

  15. 7th grade is a big deal in Texas.

  16. Huge.

  17. Ok, so Huge isn't a thing about me. Wait. It kinda painfully is.

  18. Moving on.

  19. 7th grade in TX is Jr. High - not middle school.

  20. The 9th graders at my Jr. High looked like seniors.

  21. The summer of my 8th grade year we moved to Milbank.

  22. I felt that the people there were unkind.

  23. Not fair. I felt that the people my age were unkind.

  24. They didn't seem to like the little blond girl with a southern drawl.

  25. They called me a whore.

  26. I was going to be in 8th grade and had hardly even kissed a boy.

  27. It hurt my feelings.

  28. It caused me to sit for hours in my room and practice the way 'Northerner's' talk.

  29. Even though I didn't love Milbank (as the sign downtown said I would), I did make some friends whom I adored. (That would be you Richelle, Cari, and Heather. You too Tony!)

  30. 8th grade sucked.

  31. Plain and simple.

  32. I never should have passed. However, my mother said she wouldn't make me go through that hellish year again.

  33. Thanks Mom.

  34. Repeating 8th would have been worse than my high school years combined.

  35. School was hard for me. I didn't care about what I was learning about.

  36. I shouldn't have graduated when I did. I didn't really pass all my classes.

  37. That was in 1992.

  38. I remember not long ago at dispatch, someone was running a driver license and gave the date of birth as 1992. I figured the kid was going to be busted with no drivers license. Uh, no. I was busted because I was old.

  39. Growing up, my hair was white blond.

  40. I had enormous Chicklet buck teeth.

  41. As a result, I had braces in high school.

  42. I didn't really mind them.

  43. However, now I carry a mirror in my purse because I have to check my teeth when I'm done eating.

  44. Sometimes, WHILE I eat.

  45. For the longest time, my favorite color was yellow.

  46. Now it's pink.

  47. I haven't drank caffeine in a month.

  48. As a result - NO MIGRAINES!

  49. I've only got one speeding ticket in my life.

  50. I was a Sr. in high school.

  51. I was in MN.

  52. The deputy told me he didn't know if he should ask for my drivers license or my pilot license.

  53. I would give big money to have seen my face as a result of his stupid comment.

  54. I was going 85 in a 55.

  55. My fine was $99.60.

  56. I bought a money order for $100 and sent it to the people in MN.

  57. I wrote a note saying "buy the cop a candy bar".

  58. Oh yes I did!

  59. I've been in quite a few vehicle accidents.

  60. I've NEVER been the driver.

  61. I don't like onions.

  62. It's the texture, not the taste.

  63. When I was growing up, I didn't like tomato's.

  64. As long as I can remember, I've had a very low self esteem.

  65. It's probably the only thing about myself that I would change in a heartbeat.

  66. Sometimes I think my hair is too long for my age.

  67. I'm 5'1".

  68. That's code for short.

  69. My dad is 6'4".

  70. My mom is 5'.

  71. I don't look like either of my parents. I guess I look like an Aunt of my dads.

  72. I wore a size 7 1/2 shoe until I had kids.

  73. Now I wear a size 8.

  74. I used to wear a size 8 jeans and thought I was fat.

  75. I'd TOTALLY settle for that size 8 again.

  76. I have green eyes.

  77. My favorite eye color is brown.

  78. Telling you 100 things about me is hard.

  79. I feel like you know it all already.

  80. I have a sister named Shannon.

  81. She's 2 years older than I am.

  82. I have a step brother named Matthew.

  83. I don't think of him as a step sibling. He's always just been my brother.

  84. I don't recall a year in school that I enjoyed.

  85. School was such a struggle for me.

  86. My favorite class was accounting.

  87. It was probably my only A in my high school career.

  88. I didn't take school seriously, but I also had a lot of distractions.

  89. Mr. Hirsch and Mrs. K were my favorite teachers. If you don't know them - that means nothing.

  90. If I could choose one dead person to spend the afternoon with, it would be my dad's mom.

  91. If I could choose one living person to spend the afternoon with (that I don't know) - well, if you don't know the answer, GET TO KNOW KERRIE MEYER.

  92. I've always required a lot of sleep.

  93. I like to crochet.

  94. I learned how to do it in high school.

  95. I think my high school class mates would be surprised at the person I am today.

  96. I feel like I'm nothing like I was then.
  97. Is anyone else sick of this? Let's just get this over with.
  98. My favorite fruit is fresh pineapple. I'd never had it until Claire was in the hospital when she was 2 mo. old. I also love apples, grapes and watermelon.
  99. My favorite veggies are celery, carrots, green beans and corn.
  100. Today is my birthday.

Ahhh - there. FINALLY.


Amber Kay said...

It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Happy Happy Birthday!

Kari said...

Happy birthday Kerrie!

Tracy said...

"However, now I carry a mirror in my purse because I have to check my teeth when I'm done eating."

I can TOTALLY vouch for this! Is that how you spell vouch? Ha!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kerrie! Enjoy your day.

Andrea said...

I think Mr Hirsch is my neighbor...

I have a neighbor named Mr Hirsch who is a teacher and moved here a couple years ago from Milbank. His daughter babysat for us last summer and is also my nephew's girlfriend and my kids play with their other daughter (my son's age). Small world!

Andrea said...

Btw - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a good one!

Just Mom said...

"I haven't drank caffeine in a month."

I'm glad you don't have any migraines now, but No caffeine??!!


Happy Birthday, Kerrie!

Jamey said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday!! Love the pictures on Tracy's blog...cute!! I learned a few things about you that I didn't know, fun! I wish I knew you better. I'm not very good at getting to know people anymore (i must be getting old), but I would really like you:) Maybe the three of us will have to go out for supper sometime!! Have a great birthday!!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Kerrie Meyer! Are ya gonna party like it's your birthday??

Loved the 100 things about you. :)

Shannon said...

Happy Sistah!! You deserve the best birthday ever, ever, ever ;o)

Love you!

Katie said...

Happy birthday Kerrie! I hope you had a great day!

Nelson Fam said...

First of all - Happy Birthday!!! Let me know how 34 is.....I'll be joining you in a couple of weeks..... :-S

Second of all - WHO called you a whore??? I'm sorry that some people were mean to you when you moved to Milbank. It must be really hard coming into such a small and already close knit town/school. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure that I liked you right away the day we met back in 8th grade, and that has never and will never changed!

Nelson Fam said...

P.S. I can't believe that Andrea (whoever she is!) lives next door to Mr. Hirsch! TOO WEIRD!!

Tracy said...

You know how ackward it is to see my maiden name written in your post??


Ha! :)

Heidi Jo said...

happy birthday yesterday! hey you could have easily done 500. we hadn't even gotten to the wedding, children, keith urban obsession, hair dressing, face painting...

come on, let's hear 101-500:0)

Nicole said...

Happy late birthday! Ihope it was fantastic! And for what it's worth, I've been trying to get out of the habit of calling you Kerrie Anne ;-)!!

Anonymous said...

What fun to read about you in a simple, down to earth way. I think you are amazing and never would have guess you have the same problem as me...low self esteem.

I would so love to be your friend if we lived closer...even though I'm really old and you are really young :)

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite blogging buddies.

By the way, I'm past my 700th post. Are you waiting to reade 700+ things about me?

Tess said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kerrie! I hope you had a wonderful day.
I love hearing more about you. It is great to get to know a little more about people!