Monday, August 04, 2008

The big reveal

First of all, it's VERY important for me to say that I'd NEVER gotten done with this project if it weren't for Tracy. Thank you SO MUCH for letting me take you away from your family time to surprise Nathan.

Tracy and I painted Nathan's room last week. We started on Thursday night and finished up Saturday night. It was hard - but so much fun.

Take a look at what was on Nathan's walls. While your looking at that post, check out Jack's mohawk in the picture of him in his car seat. WHAT THE LIVIN' HELL? Couldn't someone have told me to cut his hair? Ha!

Ok, so back during football season, Home Depot had a commercial on showcasing their paint. They showed a Dallas Cowboys room. I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't work out. Many months later, I saw the commercial again and was able to get a photo.

I thought it would be fun to pain Natey's room while he was gone. He had a great time, by the way. Me? Well thank goodness for paint or I would have climbed his walls.

Tracy and I worked together taping the star on the wall. It was very hard to do. We measured, stepped back, measured again, stepped back.....

We decided that we were glad that it was us, BFF's doing the star and not Justin and I. Divorce would have been a sure bet had it been that dynamic duo. ;)

Ok, so here is the star right before we took the tape off.

And now the big reveal!

As you can see, he LOVED it! He was very excited. I got his reaction on my regular video camera. I'll see if I can't somehow get it on here for you. It was cute.

I had to take this next picture because it cracked me up. There are Spongebob's eyes. It was where one of the grey stripes went, but I thought leaving it would be funny - and creepy. =o)

Of coarse we covered it, but I just thought it was funny. Actually, Claire is standing next to me laughing saying "FUNNY SPONGEBOB". I knew I wasn't the only one.

I also wrote this message on the front door for Nathan. It's a little hard to see in the picture. It says "Welcome Home Nathan". He thought that was pretty cool.Nathan lost a tooth while he was in Pierre. I lost a tooth today at the dentist. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.


Amber Kay said...

How cool is that? I bet he LOVED it!!!
Heck, I don't even like football, and I LOVE it!

Tracy said...

Yeah, that was fun! I am glad Nathan liked it. It was hard work...that darn star anyways!!

Anonymous said...

It looks GREAT and by the smile on Nathan's face it was worth all the hard work you and Tracy put into it.

Kari said...

Nice work ladies! It looks great.

Heidi Jo said...

do you guys work cheap?

i am cheating or taking the lazy way out or admitting my shortcomings...maybe all of the above---by having the artist in town come and do nic's in a few weeks.

of course it will be vikings, and i'm only letting him do one wall---how much purple and gold should i be forced to look at? :0)

you guys did a great job! you could have snuck in a life size poster of romo though, that would make me smile.

and amber, are you sure you are an american? you don't like football? that just isn't natural:0)

Dawn said...

Awesome surprise mom! You just won the mom of the year award in his eyes I am sure. It turned out really good.

Shannon said...

The room looks AWESOME! Good Job girls.

Anonymous said...

Great job girls!! That room looks awesome. I am not a great football fan either but do watch the super bowl not sure why but seems like the right thing to do. Hope to see the room in person soon don't know when that will be yet. Love grandma Karen. Tell everyone Hi

the boedecker family said...

How totally AWESOME!! COOL!!

Are you gals for hire??!

Andrea said...

I guessed right!!! I just knew you painted Nathan's room! Do I win a prize??? JK!

Looks AWESOME!!! We're also doing some painting at our house...I'll have to post pics on my blog...when I can get around to it...I've been pretty lazy at updating my blog...

Nelson Fam said...

WOW!! It looks fantastic!

I'm not sure that I would be abitious enough to even try something like that - I'm more of a "decal" girl, myself. ;-)

Kristi said...

Awesome Job! Very professional!

Anonymous said...

OK, we all know that's really Justins room!


Tess said...

That looks awesome!! You ladies did a great job! I can't imagine how excited he was!!!