Thursday, August 28, 2008

School days

It's that time of year again. The time of year where blogs are filled with eager school children dressed in their new clothes and backpacks. This blog is no different.

On Wednesday, we went with Nathan to meet his new teacher, Mrs. Graff.

I think she's going to be a good teacher for him.

Here he is trying to find his mail box. It's probably hard to do with a cop standing over your shoulder. ;)

Mrs. Graff let younger siblings color if they wanted to. Claire JUMPED at the chance. She's loves to color.

She chose to give her masterpiece to this strange lady in the lunch room.

Claire was a soothsayer that day. Fa-REEEK-y!

Here are the kids today on their first day of school. Nathan is in 1st grade and Claire is 1st year pre-school.

Claire was so excited for school!!!

Here is Claire with Mrs. Poncelet (you're not anonymous anymore). =)

I was a little worried for Claire at the start of her school day. As we were getting ready to walk in, a parent came out of the school and said "There is a boy in there bawling his head off." CRAP! That was TOTALLY not what I needed. I thought Claire would be fine as long as everyone else was fine. She was so She took one look at that kid and started crying. I took her over to read some books until she was comfortable - which didn't take long (thankfully). I told her I had to take Nathan to school and that I'd come right back to get her. What I meant was I'd be right back to get 11:15....when school was done.

She was BEYOND excited to tell me about her day when I picked her up. She summed it up in one word: Awthume! = awesome (you've gotta say it with Claire's lisp though)

After taking Claire to school, Nathan's school was the next stop. We found Dawson and the boys friend, Kaden, right away. I think this picture is so cute of them!

Finally, the bell rang and it was time for Nathan to go find his teacher.

Lucky for him, not only did he get to the right spot - he was greeted by his BFF.Natey said they didn't do much in school today. Starting last year, we asked him to tell us 3 things about his day in school. Today he couldn't come up with 3 because they just didn't do much. He seemed to have a good time though. I'm sure there will be some bad days here and there, but at least today he seemed to be ok.


Tess said...

Glad to hear the first day of school went well! They are so cute!!!

Amber Kay said...

Ok you could have left the lady selling cookbooks out! But seriously, have you looked at your cookbook much? I've already made a couple of things, it’s awesome.
Any who: My masterpiece that Claire gave me is fab!

Claire looks so proud of her backpack, I love it!

Amanda said...

Claire looks so excited in those pictures - love it!

Tracy said...

Okay...I flippin LOVE that last picture. Look at my child trying his hardest to be excited about his 1st day of school!


Shannon said...

Too cute. Look at little Kaden, modeling like he's posin' for GQ :o) I'm glad to hear that everyone had a good first day. I'll try to report on ours next week.

Jamie said...

He will like her for a teacher. I had her in 1st grade and I loved her!!

I they had good days at school!!

Heidi Jo said...

i am right there with the blogs full of bts pictures.

i love the moments you captured! so sweet. i heard about the bawling boy in 1st year pre-school, thankfully no one was freaking out today when i took kate.

the boedecker family said...

So glad to hear school started off good for you guys!! I hope they have an AWESOME year!!

Amber Kay said...

OK one more thing...Mrs. Graff got new glasses!!

Just Mom said...


Nice "bling," lady in the lunch room.

Momma Roar said...

What cute kids - I love how their excitement just shines right out of their faces!

And lovin' the cowboys shirt for the first day of school! We got Quintin a knock off (from korea) cowboys jersey with our last name on it ... but he won't wear it! He tells EVERYONE he loves the cowboys but he won't wear the shirt ... hopefully after watching a game or two, he will!!!

Have a great school year kids!