Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My fancy dancy van

PS: I forgot to tell you about the heated seats and the foot feet that move. This way I can sit far enough away from the air bag that it won't hurt me if I'm ever in a wreck.

Give me a F!
Give me a U!
Give me a N!


Tracy said...

"I can go 120 miles an hour!"


Amanda said...

Try to catch me ridin dirty.

Not with that snazy van!

Anonymous said...

Nice van Kerrie - you should have Justin drive you around so you hang out the sun roof. :)
Just kidding Justin. Enjoy your new van.

Kristie said...

Now that IS ALL KINDS OF FUN for a van I so remember the days of purchasing vans!!!!

Andrea said...

It ALMOST makes me want a van... Mine was NOT that cool!!! :)

Shannon said...

You're right, your new van is Fancy Dancy, but your video just about made me barf!! :o)

the boedecker family said...

Cool van!!
I don't have the auto doors in this van but will for sure in the next...looks like fun!!

Tess said...

I have to admit, that is one fancy van! All the bells and whistles.

Very nice!

Katie said...

Heath thinks that is one Fancy Dancy Van... it looks like all kinds of fun! I think he serectly wants to be a Mini Man... that drives a Mini Van... because he's trying to talk me into a Fancy Dancy Van!

Kristi said...

I want the sun roof! That is the one thing that my fancy mini van does not have. I love my van, wouldn't trade it for the world.

Amber Kay said...

When I first got my pimpin' van I wondered why in the heck someone would need foot pedals that moved. I mean mine are the farthest back they can go, and wish they could go farther.
But I know! ;O)

And in case you were curious. Here is my head song:
We doin' big pimpin, we spendin' cheese
Big pimpin'
On B.L.A.P.'s
We doin' big pimpin' up in NYC
It's just that Jigga-man, Pimp-C and B.U.N.B.