Monday, September 29, 2008


Saturday morning the kids and I went to the DSU parade. Our town has one parade a year. I don't guess I'll ever understand that. In the town that I graduated high school, it seemed that we had a parade every other week. Homecoming? Parade. 4th of July? Parade. Johnny sneezes? Parade. Ok, so I made that up - but we had parades often.

When our town has their one and only parade - we don't miss it.

It was pretty chilly out that morning - only 50 something. We met Tracy and Caymen only for me to find out that I'd forgotten Jack's coat. Well - there was no way to be without it. It was cold. So, I ran home and got it. Of coarse - someone parked where I was parked while I was gone. Thankfully, Tracy was able to talk them into moving for us.

We had a fun time, but I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Here is Nathan waiting for the parade to start. He's such a gamer. He's playing a game on my cell phone.
This is Jack's new cheeeeeeezy smile.
Katie and her family joined us. Claire couldn't have been happier - Katie brought food.Caymen was excited for the parade. While waiting, she played with Claire. She took a little time to have a picture taken with her Momma.

Finally the parade started. The Madison High School marching band was first up. I love the bands. I love the way they look. I love that some of them have no idea what rhythm is. But look at how sharp our band looks.

Here are the kids enjoying the parade.Well - minus one. Dawson isn't really a fan of parades. He watched it from here....and here.He did manage to come out and get some candy in between the bands and the fire trucks.

We were shocked beyond belief to find Amber taking part in a campaign. She and Ranieroo were hustling pencils. It's so not like her to get involved - in ANYTHING - especially politics. (wink, wink)

Jack enjoyed the parade. Here he is eating a sucker. He took a bit of a fall and got his cheek a bit banged up.

And last but not least, the best thing about the parade is when it's over and you can try to eat every last piece of your candy - until your mean mother tells you no (so that there is some left for her). Here is Claire enjoying a balloon from DQ. Kinda looks like a clown nose, doesn't it?I'm not sure why Blogger hates me this morning. I changed the layout of these pictures - twice - and blogger has changed them back for me. Thanks blogger! (I'm totally showing them my bad finger.)


Heather said...

Love the photos! Looks like you all had a great time. It was nice to see you Sat - our Jack had a wonderful time eating candy during the parade too!

Amber Kay said...

Seriously, Raeny was a profesional! She walked the whole parade...and back again to our vehicle.
She's a trooper!

Tracy said...

The parade was fun!

Poor Dawson. His MEAN mom makes him go to parades even though he tells me he doesn't want to go.

LOVE the picture of Peach...with the clown nose!

Nelson Fam said...

Maybe the fact that Milbank has so many parades a year is why I LOVE parades so much! Lompoc only has 2 a year, but the kids and I there for each one (we actually walk in the Christmas parade with MOMS Club most years).

Dawson cracked me up! Seriously, what kid doesn't like a parade? At least he came out of his hole for the important part - the candy! ;-D

Katie said...

I had a good time! Thanks for letting us sit by you!

p.s. Tracy did NOT tell that lady to move... the lady just decided not to park there. But if Tracy wants to sound tough we better let her!

Jodi said...

Wow - great parade pictures - I always hate taking pictures at parades... funny for me, huh>? I LOVE the kajama comment... I am still laughing!!! You know, I swear I know you from somewhere, too.... are you from Wtn. originally>?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the pics.....and I love parades! Our homecoming parade is on Friday...Yeah!

Tess said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! All the kids are just so dang cute!! Nathan looks so grown up sitting there gaming! :) Claire the clown.. Somehow that seems fitting! :)