Thursday, September 14, 2006

No photos.....PLEASE!

Here are a couple of pictures of Nathan in his Halloween costume. He HAD to try it out with his race car. He LOVES this outfit. I was afraid he was going to ask if he could wear it to school, but luckily he hasn't. If anyone had any question on who this child's father is, by these photos all questions should be answered. Sharelle must have a gazillion pictures of Justin like this too (hand up
with a frown on).

Here is a picture of Claire. It was taken a few weeks ago, but this face that she makes cracks me up. This is what she does after she takes a bite that she's quite proud of. She's such a happy little girl. On Wednesday Justin had been home for supper when it was time for him to go back to work. Claire puckered up to give him a kiss. It was SO cute! I'll try to take a picture of it, but that might take a while to capture.

Tonight I'm taking Nathan to the high school football game. It's homecoming. He's SUPER jacked! We'll be meeting Mark, Tracy and Dawson there. Caymen and Claire have a date with Grandma Sandy (Ferber's mom). It rained for a little bit but has stopped now. Lets hope that it doesn't start again. Natey has been looking forward to going to a 'real' football game. I'd hate to not be able to take him due to rain.

**I think when I post this it's going to say the 14th, but it's actually Friday today. I uploaded the pictures on here yesterday so it saves it to that date.**

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