Monday, August 07, 2006

Life is a highway.....

Peach is going to ride it all night long! :)

Here are some pictures for you. Claire sat in Lightning today. I'm not sure who was happier about it - her or Nathan. This worked great because Claire thought she was doing something really fun and Nathan was happy because it allowed him and I to play baseball. It's great when we all win. :) Here is a picture of my birthday cake that Nathan and I picked out (to answer your question, Sharelle). We went out for supper and then Nathan and I went and got the cake. We got it in the house and before any of us knew it Nathan stuck his fingers in the frosting.
We had another long night with Claire. I went to bed at about 10ish and Justin stayed up a little later to finish watching a show. When he was ready to go to bed, Claire woke up. Nothing he did helped sooth her. He came to bed at about 12:15 and I was up with Claire at about 12:30. First I tried to rock her, but that didn't last long. Finally I thought maybe she'd feel better if I gave her some Ibuprofen. I was just about to give it to her when I realized that I better make sure Justin didn't give her some too. I was carrying Peach when I went into the bedroom. Justin was sleeping. I had a hard time waking him up. "Justin...Justin...JUStin....JUSTIN!" Finally Peach must have had enough to because I'd say Justin and then she'd repeat it. "Justin..justin..JUstin...justin...JUSTIN...justin". It was pretty funny. Finally I woke him up and asked if he'd given her any medicine. He said yes. I asked how much and he said half a bottle. "OF WHAT?" I said. "Of milk" he said. I said "That's NOT medication, Justin. Did you give her any MEDICATION???" He woke up enough to realize what I was saying and confirmed that he had not given her anything other than milk.

After 3 hours she was feeling better and went to sleep. Thankfully Justin got up with Nathan at 8 and I slept until 10. Peach woke up at 10:45. I think she finally got some good sleep.

Tonight I gave her cough medicine AND Ibuprofen, so hopefully she'll have a good nights sleep. We have to get up early to see the baby doctor tomorrow, so I'm headed to bed myself.

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